Board of Directors

President – James Harbor

James is retired after a 34-year career in law enforcement. James took terrified baby Shiloh in and promptly foster failed. Shiloh started James’ involvement in rescue and led to the creation of Shiloh’s Road to Hope, ending James’ thoughts of endless days on the golf course in retirement. Shiloh is the only dog in the household and she enjoys having company but she likes when they go home so she has the king-size bed to just her and her daddy. Having a second pup in the house would also limit space on transports for those that have no home. James never thought retirement could be so busy!

Vice President – Lori Armes

Lori is a sales executive for a promotional marketing and event planning company. She is the person responsible for SRTH logo merchandise like shirts and other promotional items. Lori is the primary contact for rescues needing help and coordinates transports between our partners in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas and our receiving facilities. Lori raises show goats and shares her ranch with 3 retired hunting dogs, 3 livestock guard dogs (2 of which are rescues), and Olivia, her rescue Dogo Argentino / American Bulldog mix whose only job is to be goofy and provide comic relief.

Secretary – Brent Ellison

Brent is a home builder and is married to Treasurer Kristie. Brent is a huge reason Shiloh ended up where she is, he is the one who asked James to foster Shiloh for Lori. Brent and Kristie picked Shiloh up and brought her to James (while James was at the hospital with his daughter who was having an emergency appendectomy that day!). They also gave little stinky Shiloh a bath while they waited and had her wrapped in a blanket for when her eventual daddy arrived. Brent and Kristie have been on board (and on the board) since day one.

Treasurer – Kristie Ellison

Kristie works in the financial area and has worked for several corporations. She believes every dog is beautiful, no matter how different they may be. Brent and Kristie share their home with Scruffy (who was sort of rescued by Brent years ago and is an old man now), and Max and Charlie, both foster fails. Brent and Kristie are not allowed to foster anymore since they can never let any of them go, Brent blames Kristie for constant foster fails.

Board Members – Gary Scroggins & Becky Scroggins

Gary and Becky are both retired teachers and coaches. They started by showing up to help load, moved into fostering, and eventually offered to drive our second RV. They store Shilohmobile2 and make sure all maintenance and services are taken care of to keep it safely on the road. They have fostered several dogs waiting for transport and foster failed with Toaster (named by their granddaughter), who came from a hoarding situation and has now become a veteran traveler. Many, many fewer dogs would have been transported without Gary and Becky putting the miles in.

Board Member – Nick Magiera

Nick is the newest board member and is a phenomenal fundraiser and event planner, both a far cry from his full-time job. Nick has been in charge of planning events for many Meetup and Facebook groups, primarily those involving dog lovers. Nick is partial to Golden Retrievers and is the proud dog-daddy to three Golden mixes that he takes to baseball and hockey games every time they are allowed.