Transport Information

We do not transport personal pets.

Rescues: Please contact us for more information on transports.

While we don’t have many hard and fast rules, we do have a few. These are in place for not only the protection of those we transport, but for ourselves as well. Please remember that this transport vehicle is a “home on wheels” for Shiloh and me, and my first and foremost responsibility is to ensure Shiloh’s safety, health, and well-being. That said, some of these things we will have to take you at your word. Our word is good, we hope that yours will be as well.

1. Dog must have been out of the shelter for 10 days prior to transport.

2. Dogs must have current health certificate, proof of core vaccines (DHPP and rabies, along with Bordetella) and all medical records, including a negative fecal. All records should be legible and easy to read.

3. Dogs must be free from all types of communicable diseases (again to protect others as well as Shiloh).

4. Transport form must be filled out and included with all health paperwork.

5. If possible, dogs should be bathed and free from fleas and ticks.

6. Pregnant dogs may be transported with written documentation signed by the vet that she is at least 3 weeks away from delivery.

7. Medications should be labeled with dog’s name and dosage.

8. Toys, blankets, and food may be sent with dog. Please cut off food the night before transport. Dogs may be lightly watered the morning of transport.

9. All required paperwork must be supplied at time of transport.

Pickup times will be approximate until trip is scheduled. Once everything is set, times will be finalized. Drop-off times will be approximate until finalized on the road.

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